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Team Nyke was just about perfect this weekend! In addition to his AXJ yesterday, he earned his MX today. 5 for 6. One blue, three red and one yellow! Momma just could not keep it together for the jumpers run! This picture cracked me up because Jasper had to sneak in there! Lol! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

Keno had an awesome day today. First we had two dental appointments, one just a consult but one was an hour long. He held his down stay thru out the entire appointment! We came home for a two hour break and thenoff to two more appointments. One was a half hour down stay, good boy and then there was my physical therapy. He slept thru most of that appointment as well ignoring the big ball bouncing in front of him. 

Then we topped the night off by passing the CGC! The poor boy has earned tomorrow off!! Keno at only 14 months sure has matured a lot, and turned into the great service dog I hoped he would be! 

 We were at Universal Studios on Monday and he not only passes his CGCA while we were there but we also put him thru the Public Access Test which he passed as well. Before too long he isn't going to be able to claim to be in training 

Just wanted to give you pictures of how Scar from your Lion King litter is doing. We renamed him Teddy... he is just too much of a sweetheart to be the villain of a Disney movie. In S.D. he's gotten to go to dog parks, dog beaches, breweries and pubs, hiking trails, and host bbq and poker nights. He is a high energy sweetheart!

Thought you would appreciate the update. Abu is getting so big! He is about 30lbs now and a terrific dog. Thanks again for all your work, he is a love. Pictures attached.


Just wanted to drop a note to say how much we love our Gia. She has added a ton of happiness and love to our home. She is so smart and so funny! She loves my boys(ages 5 and 8)! She just turned 10 months old. She is gorgeous and everyone says so. She is well behaved and a joy to have around! Here is a couple of pictures...thought you might like to see her. Thanks!

The Mirassou's

Hi Barbie,

A few days ago we took Pippin to my in-laws house to see how he would do in their pool. He went right in! We were so surprised how quickly he took to the water. He must have been in that pool for about 4 hours with a few breaks in between. As time went by, his paddle really improved. We had so much fun with him. (Video Pipins first day in the pool)


Hi Barbie,

I hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you again for allowing Onyx to become part of our family. She is the sweetest dog and she and Lara are like two peas in a pod. Sade adores her as well and all our activities now center around her. She's even been to Disneyland with us :) She's growing into a beautiful dogs and I always get complimented on her when we're out on walks. I've attached two pictures of her. These are from last month, her first time in the snow.

Be well,

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