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Our family started Duck Fever Retrievers in 2006. We had been looking for a Labrador to add to our household, one that would be able to go on hunting excursions and at the same time be a well mannered house dog. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find. The Labradors with field lines were often too high energy to settle down in the house, and were very gangly in appearance, while the Labradors with show lines were too lazy, scared of guns and water, and had a very heavy look.


Once we discovered the Hunting Labrador, we were in love. Hershey (pictured on the right) was the true beginning of Duck Fever Retrievers, and was the epitome of the perfect Labrador. She would hunt all day, then come home and settle down at your feet. She was wonderful with the kids, and was physically in between the field and show lines - not too lean and not too chunky. We often got compliments on her, and realized other people were looking for Labradors like Hershey.


At that time we were home schooling our five children, and I saw an opportunity to raise highly socialized puppies while teaching my kids responsibility and the basics of running a business. We are proud to say after all these years our children are still a big part of DFR, and help out with training, marketing, communications, web site design and sales, in addition to their original job title of Labrador Puppy Entertainers. 

On the left is the next generation of DFR, a great granddaughter of Hershey, and my own daughter, who is currently studying to become a veterinarian.

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