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Thank you, Duck Fever Retrievers! 

    Hey, Barbie!


      If you remember, my husband Tony and I traveled from Georgia to pick up two pups from Hershey's very first litter.  What an adventure it has been! 

     On this, their 8th birthday (I can't believe it's been that long!) I thought I would send you a current picture of the girls on their golf cart.  Millie (formerly known as Uno), is on the left and Nellie B (Kisses), on the right. Millie has Hershey's great looks and coloring, while  B has her father's hunting instincts and athleticism. Your girls named her well, as she is the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever been around.

      Both girls get oodles of exercise running, fetching and swimming and are in great physical condition.
They have truly been a joy for us and we love them dearly.

Hi Barbie!


Jessie here. I got Coleman in early 2011 from Snickers and Bueller's litter. I just wanted to let you know he is the most wonderful dog! He truly has the most complaisant disposition and has been an absolute pleasure. He has sired several litters and produced awesome pups. Just wanted to thank you again and send you some photos of this handsome guy! 





"Hi Gary and Barbie...yesterday was the six year anniversary of Milo joining our family. He got quite a bit bigger, but not much has changed...he still thinks he is a lap dog! He loves to play fetch and he has become a skilled hockey goalie. He has a complicated love/fear relationship with our large cat, and he hates the Goodyear Blimp with a passion. He spends his days occupying as much space on the couch as possible, and he is excellent at making sure the mailman doesn't overstep his boundaries. His favorite foods include MEAT, carrots, CHEESE and he is quite fond of kale stems and collard greens. We recreated our "coming home" picture today and thought you might enjoy seeing it too. Thank you for giving us such an awesome boy! Kristi and Mark Jensen"

"SC turned three this summer and thought I would check in and share some pictures. She is a wonderful dog and a beast on the trails!! We go on lots of backpacking trips and she is a natural in the woods." - Ryan Merkle

Pictures of our happy puppies in their new homes!

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