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 "Zara" is a part of the next generation here at Duck Fever Retrievers. She is a fast, athletic mover with a ton of drive and intelligence. Yet true to our "hot in the field, cool at home" motto, Zara will just as quickly accept an invitation on the couch as she will a day in the field. Her puppies are sure to inherit her confidence in the field and her easygoing attitude at home.

Zara is by 4x GMPR HRCH  RED LABELS RUDY, a beautiful labrador of the FC AFC JAZZTIME sire line, out of ZIPPY OF ROCK HARD POINTING LABS, a daughter of  4xGMPR THE CPTN'S SIERRA SHADOW ALE QAA MH.


EIC: clear

CNM: clear

PRA: clear

OSD: clear

Dilution Gene: clear (DD)


HR Landmaker's Ice Braker

CPR Railroads It's A Hard Knock Life 

R-A Zara

4xGMPR The Cptn's Sierra Shadow Ale QAA MH

CPR Daisey Of Rock Hard Pointing Labs

AFC CFC CAFC Chugach Hills Jazz's Rascal

HRCH Blk Forest Spring Action Miss

FC AFC Way-Da-Go Call Of The Wild

Windyridge's Cinderellanotafella

FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues

Sommit's "The Little Rascal" MH

1.5XGMPR RLK's Eye Of The Tiger "Rock"

CPR Cart's Island Roscos Peco Train

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